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All of our products are proudly designed in-house and manufactured locally in Malaysia.
Most of our products are made by sports polyester (polyester and spandex blend) fabrics, whilst some poly-blends (polyester and cotton blend). Polyester is more widely used in our products as they are more lightweight, wicks sweat better and they dry quicker compared to cotton fabrics.
Method : Make sure to remove your bra cups before putting your sports bra to wash. This helps to keep their shape and for them to last longer. To wash, hand wash in cool/warm water and lay them the dry. To properly care, never wash in the washing machine.
You should never leave your yoga mat sticky with sweat. Our TPE Yoga Mats may be odorless but sweat is not. Cleaning is very easy, here are two ways how:
Method One: Wipe soiled areas with damp sponge/cloth dipped in very mild laundry detergent. Then rinse off with clean, warm water. Hang up to air dry.
Method Two (for deeply soiled mats/outdoors): Make your own vinegar solution with 200ml white vinegar into a tub of warm water. Lay your mat in and soak for 20 minutes. Rub your mat thoroughly and rinse off with clean water. Hang up to air dry.
Psst: Be careful to NOT use any coarse scrubber as it will damage your mat.

It’s normal for your mat to feel ‘powdery’ because this powdery feel helps absorb oils, water, and eliminate the slip-slide effects. From time to time, you may also sprinkle some baby powder or baking soda to help maintain your mat.

Our waterproof bags may be designed to withstand the harsh elements for outdoorsy sports, but the still need some TLC to prolong their lifespan.
Method: Empty out your bag and remove the straps. Then, wash the straps separately with a mixture of lukewarm water and soap before hanging them dry.
To clean the bag, brush off the pack inside and out to remove dirt, rocks or any debris thoroughly. Then, wipe off stains/soiled areas with damp cloth (you may use antibacterial soap/mild detergent/white vinegar & water solution).
Then rinse through with clean water before air drying your bag, indoors, away from direct sunlight as UV rays can degrade the fabric and color.
Make sure to dry it completely inside and out or else with mold, it could affect the bag in the long run.
Sportswear comes in a lot of bright colors and we want to keep it as bright as when you first got them.
Method One: Sort by color
Sorting them out by their brightness and color not only prevents accidental staining (on whites) but also keeps colors from fading.
Method Two: Turn clothes inside out
This is an additional step to prevent your bright apparels’ colors from fading.
Method Three: Line dry and keep away from the sun
Always line dry your sports wear to ensure the colors are protected. Make sure to line dry indoors and away from the sun as heat fades color very fast.
Method Four: Use cold water
Not only cold water helps maintain the colors of the apparel, it is also good for the environment.
Even though our sweating waistband is sweat wicking, there will still be sweat droplets on the surface. Make sure to always clean your waistband after every use.
1. Mix mild soap and warm water.
2. Damp towel in warm water and soap solution,
3. Properly wipe the waistband down.
4. Wipe again to get off excess water
5. Air-dry the belt until fully dry before storing. (roll and store back in ziplock)
Please note that you should not wear our ViQ Sweating Waistband overnight or to bed. This is due to the fact that keeping perspiration sitting too long on your skin may cause rashes and irritation. Also, perspiration contains components that causes fading of colors if soaked in for too long, so this may cause color transfer if in contact for a prolonged period of time.
Due to popular demands, we will be launching our own swimwear, but to do that we will need your help. We would like to have you help us participate in our survey to help in our swimwear development. The BETA products are launched to help us gather information from YOU! BETA products are introduced at a special price and are not valid for returns, exchanges or refunds.
With your help, we will reward you with an online voucher code to get more discounts for your next purchases.
If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Learning about your size in sportswear is slightly different than choosing your blouse or skirts. Before selecting, learn about your size, here are a few tips:
1. WHEN YOU ARE IN BETWEEN SIZES (Non-stretchable materials) ?
Stretchable materials are magic! But what if they are designs without stretch, here’s how to choose:
TOP (TEES, JACKETS, LOOSE TANKS) : If your body measurements for bust and waist fall between two different suggested sizes, do order the size according to your bust measurement.
BOTTOM (PANTS) : The biggest part of your bottom half would be our hips, so, do order the size according to your hip measurement.
Sportswear materials are stretchable and our product’s size chart is the lay flat measurement of the product  (not stretched while measuring). Stretch-ability of each product varies but it’s an average from 5cm up to 10cm. 
If you like a tighter/snug fit, go for the smaller size; if you like it loose, choose the larger size.  Do keep in mind that if you’re purchasing a pair of tights for your workout, try not to get a fit that is too loose, we don’t want any workout mishap! Think, snug fit!
If you’re still unsure, feel free to reach our customer care and we will try to help you get the best fit!
Measuring is very easy, just get a measurement tape, pen & paper. Then, follow the instructions:

*Our size guides are in cm.

With your body measurements, you can refer to our size chart below to have a better understanding of what size you should wear in ViQ. Please bear in mind that there are  cuttings that differ and you may need to refer to their individual size chart to get the best fit. If you are unsure on how to get your body measurements, refer to question above.

TOP FIT : If your body measurements for bust and waist fall between two different suggested sizes, order the size from your bust measurement.

Body measurement given will approximately fit the sizes as stated with some exceptions/variations of  ± 2cm. These sizes are suggestions and if you prefer a tighter fit, you could get a smaller size; if you want a looser fit, go for the bigger size.