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Q. Do I need to register to shop?

  • With an online account with us, you can track your orders, purchase history, make purchases much quicker with saved addresses and personal details. You could also keep collect reward points with every purchase you make online too!



Q. How do I create an account?

  • Click here to register by filling in our details and instructions.



Q. Do I automatically receive updates on new arrivals and promotions after signing up for an online account?

  • No, you will not. Only customers who have purchased before with us will receive updates on new arrivals and ongoing promotions. Do not worry, you can still keep yourself updated on the latest promotions via our social media (Instagram/Facebook).



Q. I have forgotten my password / my password does not work!

  • Just click the ‘Lost your password’ button and you’ll be redirected to input your email address. Click on ‘reset your password’ and follow the instructions stated. If you still do not receive an email, write to and we will assist you promptly.



Q. I am an in-store member, can I use it online?

  • No. Online and store membership are not affiliated.



Q. Are discounts/promotions in-store and online the same?

  • Unless otherwise stated, online and store promotions/discounts are not the same.